Microsoft Buying iPads and iPhones in Exchange for Credit

In a new marketing effort Microsoft are buying iPads and iPhones to give away hundreds of dollars of store credit to those looking to ditch their Apple gadgets.

iPad 4 image

The cycle of technology revolves at perhaps the most rapid pace of any popular industry. Consumers are always looking towards ‘the best of the best’ in tech and are forced to pay out of pocket for it. When you have gadgets that you wish to upgrade to the next level, the old iterations start to look like dull casings of wiring and start to gather more dust than the inside of a vacuum cleaner. To say that users would love for a chance to make upgrading a little easier is an understatement and so Microsoft have taken up the challenge, by providing gift-cards to those who wish to trade in products made by their competitor, Apple.

For a $200 gift card (this is reportedly a minimum so you could potentially get even more cash), which you can spend in any Microsoft store, the tech company will buy your “gently used” iPhone 4 or 5, or your iPad 2, 3 or 4 provided that you can provide a power cord and that the device isn’t password protected. The reason for this is that the company reportedly have huge stocks of their Surface 1.0 tablet left over, which they’d like to shift before the next generation, the Surface 2, goes to market and by giving out gift-cards, consumers are given an easy option to pick one up. It’s also being suggested that Microsoft are dealing with their competitors gadgets to get consumers to switch allegiances if they’ve grown tired of fruit-branded devices

The Surface 2 is likely to be announced fairly soon (invites have already been sent out to the announcement event) and so as a result, this promotion won’t run for long, but from now until October 27th you can trade devices in if you go into any select Microsoft Store in the USA (including Puerto Rico) and Canada to do so.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: gamespot, TechCrunch

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