Pac-Man Handmade Crocheted Blankets From AtomicBits

Letting these ghosts from Pac-Man catch you for once might be a good, and especially cozy, idea.

Pac-Man Red Ghost 8-bit Crochet Blanket by AtomicBits

Namco’s arcade hit of the 1980s, Pac-Man, has a simple premise. Eat up all the dots through a maze before one of the four chasing ghosts nab you. Amazing how such an idea became a pop-culture craze here in the good old U-S-of-A when the game released in arcades at the time – there was even a hit song about it… uh, “Pac-Crack” or something. I dunno.

The yellow duder is still popular as ever though, even if his games don’t quite have the same pull as they once did. Why, check out these beautiful Pac-Man crocheted blanket from AtomicBits, an Etsy shop that prides itself on creating videogame-inspired comforters that should come in hand with the approaching winter season on its way.

Technically, only ghosts Blinky (red) and Clyde (orange) are shown in AtomicBit’s selection of blankets, but hopefully their superb quality and construction should be enough to ignore that slight mea culpa. AtomicBit first crochets individual squares and then combines them into one large figure, an end result that gives each blanket a nice 8-bit pixel look.

Pac-Man Orange Ghost Crochet Blanket by AtomicBits

Each blanket, made from anti-allergic acrylic/wool thread, measures a little over 2-feet-square. Totally not enough to cover you from head-to-toe, but more than enough warmth for a long sit-down in a comfy chair, while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa – yes, with those little marshmallows of course – after a freezing winter day. Mmm, sounds good already.

You can order one of AtomicBits fine crocheted blankets of Blinky or Clyde for $45.00(USD) each – be sure to check out their other blankets while you’re there, too. For gaming couples with a new bouncing bundle of joy, one of these blankets would make a swell gift. Heck, even I would go to lengths of making up a fake baby just to get one (I’m only kidding!)

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