Microsoft Reportedly Working on a Smart Watch Too

After reports that tech companies Samsung, LG and even Apple are all working on hi-tech smart watches, Microsoft are reportedly working on a smart watch too.

Microsoft Smartwatch image

How many technological gadgets does a person really need to tell the time? Between the digits on an in-car stereo, the ticking of the built in clocks on our mobile phones and portable tablets and the fact that even our television channels have handy time tickers, the time is virtually inescapable and there are few pieces of gadgetry that will let us forget it. And then, we have watches. In all colour, brand and style, we have watches to tell the time, but why not use them for something else and send a few emails via watch, or maybe even a phone call? That’s a smart watch.

We already known that plenty of the larger tech giants are working on them, they are coming in the future whether we feel we need another time telling device or not. Apple, Samsung and LG are all reportedly working on them and now Microsoft too.

Microsoft, most famed for their work with PCs, and, of course, their video gaming capabilities with the Xbox, the one thing that Microsoft have actually tried and failed at in the past, are smart watches. They previously launched the ‘SPOT’ watch service all the way back in 2004 where it used radio signals to send instant message via MSN. It also utilised a paid subscription to receive news headlines, stock highlights and weather forecasts.

In order to compete with Samsung, LG and Apple, whose smart watches will no doubt include Wi-Fi, Microsoft’s new piece of watch gadgetry will have to include Wi-Fi too. In fact, it’s more or less expected in all gadgets released now, from our TVs, to our games consoles. Also, it is yet unclear as to whether or not that paid subscription will make a comeback as they’d have to offer up something entirely unique to be able to reason a monthly payment for a watch. Perhaps we will see some sort of tie-in with Xbox Live updates, as a way of checking up on gaming stats and profiles on the go is something that neither Samsung, LG or Apple have cause or reason to do.

For now, on the release date or announcement front, all we know is that Microsoft are currently sourcing parts for the device from various Asian suppliers, which means that it’s entirely likely that we could see images from a leaked design soon.

Source : CNN

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