Microsoft’s Answer To Siri Might Be Halo’s Cortana

Cortana, the female artificial intelligence that stars the Halo games along with Master Chief, might be closer to existing than you think: as a phone app.

Cortana Phone App

Get ready, Halo fans, for this is heavy: after the acquisition of Nokia and the revitalization of the Windows phone, Microsoft will have to compete directly with both Android’s Ok Google and Apple’s Siri, and apparently, the voice they’re considering using is no other than that of Cortana herself, one of the main characters in the Halo franchise of video games. This data comes straight from MSFTnerd, who claims Jen Taylor, the actress behind Cortana’s voice and many other video game characters too, is the one doing the recordings for this upcoming app.

Apparently, the requests would have to be preceded by “Bing, tell me … ” and work just like Siri. Cortana (such is the assumed name) is going to enter beta on Lumia this April, and then move over to Xbox One and Windows in 2015, rolling out worldwide between late 2015 and early 2016.

Source: Huffington Post

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