Miggo: The Easiest, Most Secure Way To Carry Your Camera

Photography with a real camera just got a lot easier thanks to a group of dedicated geniuses who came up with the best way to carry your gear around.

Miggo 2

Turns out there’s been a boom in photography ever since smartphones began taking passable pictures. Why aren’t people using their cameras instead? Because it’s uncomfortable and awkward, and they’d rather not bother. Well, that’s how things stood up until Miggo appeared and made easy to carry your camera and take pictures without having to have big, expensive bags.


The idea behind the Miggo? It’s basically a case that wraps around your camera protecting it from scratches, while being light and easy to carry at the same time. With Miggo, the strap on your camera becomes the case itself! Hard to imagine? Well, let the Miggo team illustrate it in an easy way in the video below. Enjoy!

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