Batman DC Comics Mimoco Flash Drives [CES 2011]

There’s no reason flash drives have to be boring, and the people at Mimoco feel the same way. They have partnered with Warner Brothers Studio to create a line of Batman flash drives.

Mimobot Batman Flash Drive

In honor of Batman’s 75th anniversary, Mimoco, creator of the Mimobots, has created a line of Batman flash drives. Inspired by Batman’s original appearance in 1939 Detective Comics, the drive shows the caped crusader in his traditional black and grey costume that is both quite different from the costume of today yet still vaguely familiar.

Mimobot Batman Flash Drive size

The flash drive comes in various holding capacity, the standard is 4 GB for $24.99, but can be decreased to 2 GB or increased up to 16 GB and priced accordingly. The top of Batman’s head is removed to reveal the drive and easily fits into any standard USB. Only 5,000 units will be available to the public, and each drive will come preloaded with Mimobot Batman wallpapers, screensavers and avatars. In February, Mimoco will release other Batman characters including Robin, Catwoman and The Joker followed by other DC superheroes like Green Lantern, Superman and The Flash. The flash drive is available online at the Mimobot store and also at limited retailers including Converse Store and Kidrobot.

While the design is great for Batman fans and a fun collector’s item, those that don’t care too much about the appearance of their flash drive might not be willing to spend the $25 when they can just as easily get one for  fraction of the price. On top of that, for the high price, it would have been interesting to have a removable mask that would reveal Bruce Wayne rather than simply removing the top of his head. Still, Mimoco is able to combine the classic appeal of Batman for the fans and the cuteness to appeal to younger, and potentially more female group.

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