Minecraft Magnets for Block Addicts

Minecraft has made a pretty big splash on the gaming scene this year, considering it started out as a little one-man indie game. Selling well over a million copies, it’s hard to find a gamer who’s never heard of Minecraft.

For fans of the game who have trouble tearing themselves away from playing long enough to forage for food in their fridges, this Minecraft magnet set can provide some motivation.

minecraft magnets 1

This set features a variety of Minecraft tiles, from the revered diamond ore to the dreaded lava – 160 tiles in total. There are also a few less common tiles like the pumpkin and some crafted ones, like the forge, workbench, and planks of wood. It’s also funny to see that you get far more coal and iron than other ores, just like you do in-game. There are even leaf and log tiles for making trees!

minecraft magnets 3

Basically, this magnet set contains enough material for you to make a two-dimensional Minecraft base on your fridge or any other magnetic surface you happen to have (a filing cabinet or washing machine, for instance). Like with Minecraft, you can build whatever you can dream of, whether it’s a giant fortress or a homely cottage – it would certainly be an achievement to replicate whatever your Minecraft home happens to be. If there aren’t enough tiles in one kit for you, you can always buy another – they’re only $19.99, after all. But then again, that’s how much it would cost you to get the actual game.

minecraft magnets 2

There are, of course, a few things missing in this magnet set. While there are ample resource tiles, there are no mobs or player characters included, which would definitely have added to the overall package. It would certainly be neat to make a scene where creepers and skeletons are swarming around the base and the player character is fending them off with a pickaxe. That’s really a minor grievance considering all the awesome possibilities that come with this set – plus, re-arranging them is a cinch, you don’t need to worry about wasting your picks here.

For more crafting inspiration, this glorious Minecraft version of A Link to the Past is a must-see. If you’re more interested in making fun scenes out of magnet tiles, this papercraft Mario magnet diorama might be more to your liking.