Minecraft Forges A Link to the Past

If you’re a fan of Minecraft, then you’ve no doubt already seen a number of incredible structures created by users and uploaded to YouTube.  This video of a gargantuan recreation of the overworld map from The Legend of Zelda:  A Link to the Past is perhaps the most nostalgic of them all.

Roman DeNu has spent over 100 painstaking hours building this 3D replica of the classic 1991 Super Nintendo game and Link’s first 16-bit adventure.  Making the translation from 2D to 3D was no small feat and this enormous map is reportedly 512 blocks in width and length and 104 blocks tall.  In this Minecraft map you can swim in Lake Hylia, visit Kakariko Village, explore the Lost Woods, and scale Death Mountain.  It’s all here, brimming with nostalgic charm sure to inundate anyone with a flood of retro bliss who ever picked up a Super Nintendo controller and embarked on the quest to free the seven maidens, restore the Sacred Realm, and defeat the evil Ganon.  It’s enough to make any former Hyrulian want to go back and replay this game 20 years later.

Zelda recreated with Minecraft

For those of you still somehow uninitiated with Minecraft, it is a simple but obviously deep game about mining for materials, crafting objects and tools out of them, and erecting structures as large and complex as you can imagine.  Check out YouTube for dozens of unbelievable projects that users spent countless hours creating.

Roman DeNu plans to upgrade the map as new features are introduced and improved upon in Minecraft.  Currently, the map does not contain any interior locations, like dungeons, caves, and houses.  But that is something DeNu plans to add in the future.  Of course, DeNu is obligated to create the Dark World, the twisted version of the Sacred Realm before Ganon used the Triforce to turn it into an evil mirror version of this world of light.

If you want to see another recreation of the overworld from A Link to the Past, check out this stitch artwork and this life-size papercraft model of master-sword wielder, Link.