Deadly Miniature Crossbow’s Destruction Frenzy

Remember the neat little cannon that could actually fire? The same guy comes with another idea, not any less deadly and cool!

The miniature crossbow is one of those things that are so stunning, that you suddenly forget that it’s completely useless in spite of the fact it does pretty much the same as a full-sized crossbow. Anyway, the miniature crossbow is arguably the smallest weapon of its kind, while still having all qualities needed. There are miniature arrows and tiny little string which can be pulled with draw force of 5.9 lb.

As for now the weapon can fire three types of ammo: the basic aluminium arrow can easily pierce a balloon, steel “Ramming Arrow” deals with smashing plates into pieces and there’s also the flaming bolt capable of igniting targets. The cute weapon’s handle was made of 22k gold, some parts are silver, and the bow and string are solid stainless steel. If you look closer, you might even notice the mini crossbow also has a miniature aiming system. What’s also surprising is the power of mini crossbow. It is 4x stronger than a full-size hunting crossbow.

The mini crossbow was made by T. Shamir, who actually is a jeweler. His previous project was perhaps even more spectacular, because he managed to make a miniature cannon. It used gunpowder, had a fuse and could fire for real. The mini cannon was capable of quite comparable destruction though: it smashed a can, an egg, a light bulb, a balloon, or even a huge beer mug. Wonder if there’s anything left in T. Shamir’s house. Well, at least his projects are famous …

As I said, it’s hard to think of any reasonable use for the mini crossbow, but I definitely want one!

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Via: Blame it on the Voices