Mimobot DC Comics Series Flash Drives

Featuring innovative design and a variety of features, Mimobot’s custom flash drive series can’t be beat. Now the company has released a line of DC inspired drives, sure to inspire any fan.

Do you need a hero to watch over your important files? Imagine how much safer you will feel having your important papers, images, and music stored away with the likes of Batman, Catwoman, or one of your other DC Comics favorites. That little bit of extra security can be yours with these adorable Mimbobot USB flash drives.

Five different designs are available in the series, all featuring characters from Batman canon. Two of the flash drives feature Batman himself, in your choice of either Dark Knight black or classic comic book blue. In addition to the caped crusader buyers have the option of investing in Robin, Catwoman, or the Joker to keep your best laid plans safe and sound from prying eyes.

The USB port of each drive is hidden away beneath the cap of your superhero (or villain) of choice. In addition to acquiring a cute and stylish (or evil and dastardly) way to store your files, each flash drive comes pre-loaded with digital content that can be downloaded straight to your computer. This downloadable content includes desktop wallpaper, screensavers, and icons featuring the original art of the flash drive itself.

Included with the downloadable content is access to Mimobyte sound software. This means that whenever you use your flash drive, you’re treated to a series of sound bites that work with the content on the drive to fully customize your computer and give you the DC Comics experience that a hard core fan could only dream of.

A variety of sizes is available in these five designs, from 2GB to 16GB, which make these items perfect for everybody. Whether you are in need of casual protection of your documents to a full on bodyguard to take care of your precious files.

All of the current designs, as featured at Toy Expo 2011, have been created in a team effort with Warner Brothers Entertainment and DC Comics. The first reviews for these newly released gems are beginning to roll in, with customers proclaiming this a must for fans of the Batman series. Not only are you getting a great deal on a great flash drive, but the added content of this particular item makes the value of this particular item a no-brainer.

The 2GB model comes in at $22.95, and for an additional $5 the 4GB can be all yours. The 8GB model will cost you a little more at $44.95 and the 16GB model will cost you $59.95. For a look at other custom flash drives, check out the Star Wars series released in 2008 or this gem or these awesome or this artistic Yin Yang design.

Via: Mimoco