Mlais M7 Plus Seeks to Set Things Straight

The original M7 turned out to be a letdown due to some major issues that affected the device’s main functionality, so Mlais decided to right some wrongs by launching the M7 Plus.

To learn more about the drawbacks of the original model, please check out the Mlais M7 hands-on review I wrote last week. To jump right into it, there aren’t any noticeable changes in terms of design between the M7 and the M7 Plus, so most of the differences come from under the hood. First and foremost, the M7 Plus is based on a newer (yet inferior) chipset, the 64-bit MT6753. Even though this one operates at a lower frequency than the MT6752 (1.5Ghz, compared to 1.7Ghz), and has an inferior GPU (Mali T720, as opposed to MT6752’s T760), it is considered better by the manufacturer.

There is some truth behind that statement, as the CorePilot technology of the MT6753 offers better battery performance. Secondly, this SoC has support for an additional band, which means that it can be used in 4G networks in the US.

The second major change is the OneTouch fingerprint scanner, which unlike M7’s, is capable of waking up the phone. That’s definitely a neat feature, even though double tapping the screen to wake up the device wasn’t that difficult of a task.

Furthermore, the M7 Plus packs a 13MP Sony IMX214 sensor, which is capable to record videos at 4K, among other things. Hopefully, Mlais will take advantage of that feature.

The battery was one of the most disappointing aspects of the M7, so it’s great to see that Mlais will equip the M7 Plus with a 2800mAh battery. Combined with the HD screen and the power-efficient MT6753, the increase in battery life should be noticeable.

In terms of software, the M7 Plus will run Android 5.1 Lollipop. It surely seems easier to launch a new phone that sports an up-to-date OS than updating older device. Some users are doubting that Mlais is ever going to update the M52 or the M7 to Android 5.1.

Not at last, the M7 Plus will feature a notification LED, something that was particularly useful in the M52. All of these functional features will come at a price that has yet to be announced. One thing is certain, though: Mlais M7 Plus will cost less than $189.99, which was the previous model’s MSRP.

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