Turing Phone: the revolution begins now

Turing Robotics, the San Francisco based company, has developed a new smartphone to compete in the market, the Turing Phone. The basis of this phone are durability, security and style.


Turing Robotics Industries CEO Chao has gone on record saying “Not everyone wants to drive a Volkswagen”, and that “there’s people out there who prefer an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini, or a Ferrari. Right now, most cellphones are Volkswagens.”. The Turing Phone is a 5.5 inches smartphone running Android 5.1, but with a completely customizable interface that looks like nothing we’ve seen before. With a shape sporting curves, along straight lines and an ample color palette with black contrasts, it looks like a design out of Sci-Fi spaceships or formula 1 cars. They created this design out of a thousand sketches, and ended up creating three different models called Pharaoh, Cardinal and Beowulf respectively. Each one of those has different colors and textures. They use a Snapdragon processor with 16 GB of internal memory, 3 GB RAM, and HD screen capable of 1920×180 resolution. The back camera is 13 megapixels, while the front one sports an above average 8 megapixels. This phone doesn’t have a USB or regular jack for headphones, but uses instead a connector similar to the MagSafe seen in Apple’s MacBooks and other Bluetooth devices.

Chao showed their entirely customized software in screenshots, and seemed pretty confident that it would be a masterwork that vastly improves over the current interface used by Google’s OS. He believes designers will love this smartphone, while at the same time attempts to reach people who are tired of their phones being just a black rectangle.


These phones are made out of Liquidmorphium, a material more solid than aluminum or steel, more efficient to manufacture, and the next trend when it comes to non plastic smartphones. Rumors even suggest the eventual iPhone 7 will be made out of it. The phone also has an emphasis in security thanks to its encryption system at the core of the device, with a “Turing coin” inside it (a cryptocurrency) which could revitalize your cellphone from the moment you buy it. All of this can only be activated via a fingerprint scanner on the phone’s side.

These cellphones are waterproof, but interestingly not sealed: water may go inside them, but just won’t damage it. This cellphone will be available for preorder the 31st of July at $610 USD for its basic 16 GB model, and will be ready to be used with any company.

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