MobileFun Leaks Moto 360’s Price, Surprises Us Pleasantly

Moto 360, one of the two watches running Android Wear that will be launched this summer, was shrouded in secrecy until now, but thanks to MobileFun, at least we know how much this smartwatch is going to cost.

Google and its partners conceived the two Android Wear smartwatches with different audiences in mind, or at least that’s what the design lead us to believe. LG G watch comes in a rectangular shape, being more similar in design to Pebble, Galaxy Gear and Sony’s smartwatch (among many others), while Moto 360 maintains the classic lines of conventional watches. Both of them will sport never-seen-before features, as far as wearables are concerned, but Motorola’s device seems to be for the ones who aren’t just ready to give up on wristwatches with round cases.

MobileFun mentioned in a blog post on its UK site some of the features Moto 360 will come with. First of all, this wearable will be able to tell the time (fact that’s definitely unexpected, this being a watch), besides displaying notifications. It will also act as a fitness and sleep tracker. In terms of design, Moto 360 will be quite customizable, and there will be plenty of watch faces and wrist wraps available. Google Now will provide voice control and feedback on this smartwatch, and the only thing left to ask would be the ability to use it without having it connected to a smartphone.

As far as the price is concerned, MobileFun stated that Moto 360 will cost £199, the equivalent of roughly $279, which is lower than previously estimated. As smartwatch prices go, this is a bit on the expensive side of things, since even Pebble Steel is $220, as of yesterday. Still, Moto 360 can’t really be compared to Pebble, as it will sport more functions, and will most probably be compatible with more apps. If the battery life is at least decent, we might have in Moto 360 the winner of the smartwatch wars.

MobileFun is already taking pre-orders for the device, even though the device is not expected to be launch earlier than June 25, when the search giant will host the Google I/O conference. Until then, we can only speculate what the other specs of this smartwatch are.

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