Sentri Takes Home Security to the Next Level

Depending on how much you are willing to spend to secure your valuables, a security system’s price ranges from several hundreds to a few thousand dollars. Sentri means to prove that it’s one of the most cost-effective security solutions on the market.

The latest trend in terms of home security systems is to make these accessible from remote locations. Still, it’s one thing to view what happens at home while you’re away, and a totally different thing to be able to control the security system remotely. Fortunately, Sentri is a complete smart home security system that tackles both of these problems graciously.

Sentri includes all the things that makes a security system great: an HD video camera, a motion detector and a few sensors for measuring your home’s humidity levels, temperature, and air quality. The camera is able to record videos in various light conditions, so if you happen to be away at night, you needn’t worry. All the data picked up by the sensors is displayed on a minimalistic, yet appealing display. Once set up, Sentri can be accessed via mobile apps from anywhere else in the world.

This is how the developers of Sentri describe their product: “Unlike traditional security systems, which can take hours to set up and cost upwards of $1,000 a system to install in addition to monthly service fees, Sentri is ready to use out of the box with no professional installation service required. Simply plug in, power on, and connect to your home’s WiFi network.

With Sentri, we imagined – and built – a home that is as intelligent as you are, one that not only provides you with a smarter view of your home, but also empowers smarter decisions that result in safer homes.”

Sentri is currently featured on Kickstarter, where 640 backers have already provided $21K more than the initial $200K goal. In fact, the goal was reached within 48 hours since the crowdfunding campaign started. In this context, anyone who pledged $249 (or $199 as an early bird) will get their Sentri in May 2015.

I think it’s great that Sentri does more than protecting you, in that it measures and displays relevant data regarding your home. If you know these, you can proceed to adjusting the environmental variables (humidity and temperature), in order to make staying at home as pleasant as possible.

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