MOCAheart Brings Smart Cardiovascular Monitoring to the Masses

Since cardiovascular diseases represent the #1 cause of death globally, monitoring parameters like heart rate and blood pressure using gadgets such as MOCAheart is essential, for both preventing and keeping such health problems under control.

The subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter at the end of last year, MOCAheart is commercially available as of today. Seeing as how September 29 is World Heart Day, MOCACARE, the developer of this useful gadget, couldn’t have picked a better occasion to launch their product. Sure, there are plenty of cardiovascular monitoring devices out there, but none match the convenience, portability, and the great number of features of MOCAheart.

“We are excited to introduce MOCAheart and realize our ambition of empowering people to proactively monitor their heart health without interrupting their lifestyle,” explained Naama Stauber, co-founder and COO of MOCACARE. “By combining the latest developments in technology and medical science we have been able to deliver a device that will empower millions to effectively and effortlessly track cardiovascular health in taking action to prevent or minimize the well-known risks associated with heart disease.”

Probably one of the most interesting aspects about this gadget is the fact that it’s connected, thus giving both patients and health care providers instant access to the most recent readings, as well as to a history of the previous ones. The measured parameters include heart rate, blood oxygen levels and the proprietary MOCA index, a “correlation between the pressure exerted by the heart and the speed at which blood travels through the body”. To track these parameters, people need to use the “press and go” technique, so that the optical sensor and electrode get a proper reading. Environmental factors such as weather and location are also taken into account, so that medical personnel can tell what triggered a certain reaction.

As seen in the following images, MOCAheart fits comfortably in your hand, but for an even better experience, users can attach it to their iPhones using a custom built case. According to the manufacturer, Android cases will be available soon, but knowing how many different smartphones are powered by Google’s mobile OS, creating cases for each of them is nearly impossible. In that context, we can expect cases only for a selected few. Measuring 1 3/8” x 2 3/4” x 1/4” (35 x 70 x 6.35 mm) and weighing between 27 and 30 grams, this smart cardiovascular monitor is extremely durable, being made out of medical-grade stainless steel and biocompatible plastic.

The following slideshow includes screenshots of the MOCAheart companion app for iOS.

Check out the following video for an unboxing of the product.

MOCAheart will be offered in four different colors, stainless steel, green, yellow, and red, presumably with matching iPhone cases. If you or someone close to you have a history of heart disease, head over to MOCACARE‘s website and order your MOCAheart for $149.99.

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