Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earphones Also Include a Heart Rate Monitor

Renowned for the Bluetooth earpieces it makes, Jabra is now looking to add a twist to its products, by adding heart rate monitor functionality to wireless earphones.

Just in case the name of these Jabra wireless earphones wasn’t suggestive enough, the design of Sport Pulse indicates quite clearly that these are made for working out. From here on, the company doesn’t care that much if you’re running or lifting weights, as in both cases you might want to know your heart rate zones. Monitoring this aspect while performing physical activities is essential for making a progress, so Jabra decided it wouldn’t hurt if they added this functionality to a category of products they’re already good at making.

Jabra Sport Pulse tick all the boxes when it comes to convenience while working out. They feature a sleek design, comfortable to wear, and they don’t have any long wires to disturb you while running.

Much like Bose’s Quiet Comfort QC20, Jabra Sport Pulse include an earhook tip that keeps the earphones in place while moving around. Manufacturers of sports headphones have been testing multiple designs to make sure that the devices don’t fall off the ears during high-impact training of any sort. Jabra decided that the earhook is the most convenient way of preventing the headphones from coming loose.

Once used exclusively for taking or placing calls, Bluetooth earphones are now turned into an intermediary between your favorite music that’s being played on your smartphone, and your ears. After all, music is among the most powerful motivators while working out, and Jabra seems to have become aware of that.

The heart rate monitor included in the earphones transmits the collected data to Jabra Sport Life, a mobile app that’s available both on Android and iOS. And this is exactly where the workout improvement thing comes into play. The app provides voice feedback and enables users to set personal goals based on distance, time, burned calories, and desired heart rate.

Since Jabra Sport Pulse feature Dolby DSP, users are able to change the way music sounds using the equalizer included in the app.

These wireless earphones will be available starting on October 1, and will cost $200, which is a bit of a steep price for this kind of products, even with the added functionality.

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