Cool Modular Tetris Shelves

Tetris is one of those games that’s more than a game, becoming a cultural touchstone. This is no more apparent than a series of modular shelves inspired by the Tetris blocks.

Serious Tetris players often see how things can fit together, as a classic Perry Bible Fellowship comic shows. This cool shelving by Laurant Burel of Lyon, France comes to us from dornob via the Creators Project. They’re made out of simple black composite board, with glass optional. Drawers are available as well.

Tetris Shelves

You can arrange them in any way you please, as long as the shelves fit together. The only problem I can see is that just when you’ve got your shelves perfectly arranged, your stuff disappears!

Tetris Shelves close-up


Tetris Shelves Diagram



Tetris Shelves Diagram


Tetris Shelves Diagram

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