Amazing Steampunk Wine Bottle Opener

Stop and think for a minute – Did you ever imagine that the wine universe, or more specifically, the field of uncorking wine bottles, has anywhere more to develop and expand?

If you’ve got plenty of room in your house and cellar, if you’d rather have alcohol and red wine flowing through your veins than blood, then get yourself a wine cellar. If you still have plenty of room left and you’re kind of a lazy dude, tired of uncorking bottle after bottle with your bear hands and a simple corkscrew, then it’s time to take it up a notch.

Rob Higgs, a sculptor, created an incredible machine, with Steampunk and the Victorian era oozing from every angle, that doesn’t only open the bottle for you. It actually pours a glass, without spilling, something many unlucky customers during my restaurant waiter days wished I wouldn’t have done.

Will your life be better with this?

Of course. As we dive further and further into the future, laziness becomes a bigger part of our lives. There’s no reason to actually open a bottle by yourself, impressing the girl you brought over, when you can impress her by how filthy rich you actually are. We all know that women fall for the bling bling.

Do yourself a favor, avoid the cuts from the wrapping and the sore muscles the day after or god forbid, that moment when you break the cork and realize you really screwed it up. Rob Higgs didn’t create this machine so you can appreciate and move on. He created it to make your life easier. Take advantage of this.