Make a Style Statement with Tetris Bracelet

Of all the games that have survived till today, Tetris has to be the one that is the most intriguing. The game was originally designed and programmed in Soviet Russia, way back in 1984.

The game has now inspired not just geeks but also designers to create accessories that can be worn as a fashion statement. Kerinewton has designed a really cute resin bracelet which comes with Tetris inspired design. The bracelet has several tiny Tetris blocks that were hand placed to finish the design. The designer mentions that it was almost like playing Tetris in extreme slow motion. No matter what it felt like to her, the bracelet looks attractive even for those who are not really into geeky stuff.

Talking about geek-fashion, there are several people who would like to make a style statement without seeming obvious. For instance, it is easy to pick up a dress that is inspired by Super Mario, but it would seem pretty odd to wear that and go to school or work. However, a non-intrusive bracelet like this Tetris bracelet can be worn along with regular clothes that you may wear to school or work. This is perhaps why geeky accessories are better than full-fledged dresses or clothes that seem too obvious anyway.

I can almost imagine geeky girls wearing this bracelet when they are lounging or hanging out with other geeky friends of theirs. It wouldn’t be difficult to imagine a few boys or men wearing this bracelet either, and it seems pretty androgynous anyway. The Tetris bracelet might make a great gift to your loved ones, if they like the game a lot. You could also go ahead and take a look at 14 Tetris Remakes that we had listed sometime back. the Tetris Brownies will surely help you to whet your appetite.