5 Phone Apps to Manage Your Money

If you want to use your smartphone to keep track of your finances (perhaps because you just got the bill for your spiffy new phone), you’re in luck!



iPhone users will love LohasMoney, an app that purports to be an all-in-one financial manager. You can convert currency, figure out your monthly budget,  see your bills, and transfer money between accounts, among other things.

Tip Check

There are lots of tip calculators floating around on the App Store. They seem to be the “Hello, world!” of mobile apps. But this one lets you figure out tips for just about any situation in the U.S.: restaurants, hotels, barber shops, and any other place you’re expected to tip.

Debt Free

Debt Free

If you’ve ever found yourself deep in debt, you know how tough it can be to get your life back on track. The biggest obstacle to paying off your debts is figuring exactly how much you owe. Debt Free is an iPhone and iPad app that helps break down all your bills with the eventual goal of becoming, as the name says, debt free. You can see where your money is going and if you’re getting your finances back in order.

RpnCalc Financial


I’d never leave the Android fans out in the cold. If you’re a real financial geek, you’ll love RpnCalc Financial. This app mimics the appearance and functionality of the HP financial calculators. As the name suggests, this one uses RPN, or Reverse Polish Notation. That means instead of punching in “2 +  2”, you’d enter “2 2 +”. It’s a little weird if you’re not used to it, but a lot of math and finance geeks swear by it and it supposedly makes it easy to enter complex formulas. This one comes packed with all sorts of advanced financial functions, including amortization and interest.


Easy Money

EasyMoney is an another Android app similar to Lohas Money, an attempt to give you a mobile way to master your financial life. This one also has just about any personal or business financial function you can think of.

For more ways to keep track of your finances, check out BillGuard, a service that monitors your charges and notifies you of anything suspicious, and Credit Sesame, a site that offers free financial advice.