8-Bit Nintendo Homage Sand Sculpture

There are so many different ways to create art that I find it amazing how the sand sculpture still exists today as an incredible source of beautiful art. Even better, this example juxtaposes the simplicity of sand with the high-tech video games we know and love. It’s summertime, so let’s take a look at one sweet geeky sandcastle. Sand art is just so simple in theory, especially compared to the CGI art so prevalent today, especially in movies and video games. This sand sculpture was built as an homage to the 8-bit games which served as a foundation for those insanely complex games we enjoy today. Sure, there was Pong and Pac-Man and such, but the Nintendo Entertainment System seems to draw the most nostalgia from modern gamers. I’m sure that’s also because some of the characters created then, such as Mega Man, Link, and Mario, continue to be featured in high-profile games today.

8 Bit Nintendo Sand Sculpture

The thing I find most amazing about this sculpture by Guy-Olivier Deveau found on Geekologie is just how effectively it shows the pixelated 8-bit feel. With little right angles all over the place, squares “cut out” of the sand, and other details, it looks very true to the source. Up top, Mario stands atop some bricks, a mushroom emerging from a question block. On the next tier is Mega Man jumping and shooting, while some ridged detail on the left brings to mind the pattern on NES cartridges. The Black Mage from Final Fantasy is just below Mega Man and lovingly shown in all the blocky detail 8-bit can bring, along with the list of action choices one can make in combat. The base of the sculpture is dominated by Link from The Legend of Zelda, standing in front of a Triforce while some of the iconic items in the game such as a rupee and a bomb are shown at his sides.

Lastly, in the same style, we see what I guess could be considered a title plaque, reading “I am 8 bit.” As a finishing touch, it also uses the “heart system” from The Legend of Zelda, so ingrained in the minds of some gamers that we can almost hear the annoying beeps telling us we’re low on health. For more geeky wonders, don’t miss the Star Wars AT-AT Snow Sculpture or this Pac-Man Sand Sculpture.