Wake Up or the Money Shredding Alarm Clock Makes You Poor

Paper shredding machines already make a sound that is anything but pleasant. If, however, you integrate this mechanism into an alarm clock that shreds banknotes, you get a device that will wake up even the sleepiest people.

The concept is without a doubt effective and the results are even better when the alarm clock is placed on the other side of the bedroom. Nothing will make you jump out of your bed faster than the sound of a $100 bill being turned to pieces.

Judging from the pictures, you may think that this alarm clock was designed for billionaires. The slot where the money is placed has room for more than one bill, so you can actually use a stack. If you decide to use real money, snoozing will rapidly turn into an activity that makes you turn broke.

Using $100 or even $50 bills is a bit brutal, so it may be a good idea to start with smaller bills and use the bigger ones when life and death situations depend on you waking up on time. Still, you are highly recommended to use Monopoly money or something similar to that, as destroying real bills is considered a federal crime in the US, punishable by prison or by fine. The US Code mentions that in some cases both punishments may be applied.

The bottom line is that despite the concept is cool and it would be without a doubt effective, such an alarm clock may not go into mass production any time soon. This is because many institutions such as the national banking association, Federal Reserve bank or the Federal Reserve System would not see money shredding with good eyes. The chances of this becoming widely available would grow considerably if the designer decides to market it simply as a paper shredding alarm clock.

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Via: Mashable