Park Circa Connects Parking Space Owners and Searchers

Park Circa is an iPhone app that can be described in two words: fast and convenient. As an user of this app you will be able to find parking spaces in no time, fact that will allow you to spend more time having fun while you are out.

Basically, what is app does is to connect people who have an available parking space between certain hours with people who are looking for a parking space exactly in that period of time. Cities tend to be more and more crowded and finding a parking space can take more than half an hour, sometimes.

Both the people owning a parking space and the people looking for one need to register on the Park Circa web site. For more convenience, the users are allowed to log in using their Facebook account. This way, you have a fully functional account in just a few seconds and a couple of mouse clicks. Once you are logged in, you can submit the location of the available parking space, provided that you have one, along with the desired hourly rate.

The ones who are looking for a place to park their car will have to check the map. As seen in the above picture, the app is available not just to people from the US. Once a parking spot is found in the desired area, drivers have to add credit to their accounts, so they can pay the hourly rate.  Finding parking spaces is possible both on the Web site and via the iPhone app. The credit gets deducted from the driver’s account only after checking out. Hopefully there will be more such applications in the future, so our lives get easier.

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