Montblanc Steampunk Fountain Pens Are Filled with Style

At a first glance, some of these writing instruments may look a bit like the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, but a closer look would reveal that these Montblanc masterpieces are from a different story.

Montblanc has recently caught my attention with some of their perfumes, but these certainly aren’t the main things the company is known for. In fact, the German manufacturer is more popular for its exquisite writing instruments, luxury time pieces, jewelry and leather accessories. The steampunk fountain pens pictured below are a great example of how this company achieved greatness.

I’ve always considered handwriting more elegant than typewriting. The former may take more effort, but it gives a clue about the personality of the individual that wrote down the words. On the other hand, the latter lacks individuality and the only way to personalize it is to change the font.

High-class writing instruments are meant to last a lifetime, and when it comes to great brands that are popular worldwide, their value tends to increase in time. Because of this, fountain pens such meticulously crafted as these ones represent a great investment.

The Skeleton Collection, which includes the writing utensils depicted here, brings skeleton watches to mind. The connection is rather obvious, since in both cases, the inside parts are exposed to the world.

Each pen from this collection has a unique pattern that might remind people of steampunk tools, cubist paintings, spider webs and other such things. Since the most recent Doctor Who season had a couple of episodes set in the Victorian era, I thought of the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver when first seeing these splendid pens. On top of that, the tip is also engraved, so Montblanc hasn’t neglected this aspect.

The price of the Montblanc Skeleton fountain pens ranges from $20,000 to $88,000, and can be purchased on eBay at the moment. Considering the value of these pens, even if I had this kind of money I wouldn’t go on eBay to buy one. The number of forged watches, perfumes and writing tools is too big to even take that option into consideration when buying something that expensive.

The price is not that absurd if we think of the materials that were used (gold filigree, diamonds and mother-of-pearl), the effort that was put into creating these fountain pens, and the special occasion that they were manufactured for. Montblanc’s Skeleton Collection marks the 75th anniversary of the company, and there are only 75 of these pens in the whole world, so if you can afford one, don’t think twice!

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