Steampunk Coffee Machine Looks Great

The world seems to be divided between coffee lovers and tea drinkers and that was also one of the ways how people judge you these days. The other way seems to be asking you if you like cats better or dogs better.

v12 coffee machine

If you are a coffee lover, you will surely like this snazzy gadget that is made from titanium, magnesium and aluminum. This premium gadget is a great coffee maker that claims to get you caffeinated in no time.

Espresso Veloce’s V12 may not be the best coffee maker in town but it surely has a number of features and a steampunk look that will make an avid coffee machine collector go crazy. It comes with awesome looking oil filter-shaped coffee filters which should help you brew the best cuppa coffee in town. The exhaust tubes should tell you how caffeinated your drink is going to be and if it is going to be toxic enough to give you that stimulant high.

The set also comes with cool looking mugs but the only hitch is that there is no ignition key to begin the brewing. It takes up a huge space on your desk and could just be what you wanted to gift to that coffee lover you kinda liked. It is not clear if it really is a great device to prepare coffee or if it even prepares at all, but it should be a great collector’s piece. There are no pricing details available and it should be out in the market in sometime.

Meanwhile, drinking coffee has been linked to lower risks of cancer and a host of other diseases. So, make sure that you are getting enough coffee everyday whether you like it or not. Tea and chocolate have similar effects on human body too, as they all contain important flavonoids and antioxidants which clear all the free radicals from your body. You could also take a look at the Coffee Machine that Sings to You.