7 Most Important Facts About Beer

No one is saying beer is the single most important thing in the working person’s life, but I know quite a few people who wouldn’t be able to get few their days if it wasn’t for them knowing that at the end of it there’s a cold (or warm) pint waiting for them at the pub.

So, as you might have guessed, it’s good to know as much as possible about the most important beverage in the world. Only the important stuff though.

Pouring Beer Should be Done at an Angle

Start by pouring into a glass that’s tipped at a 45 degree angle to minimize foam, then finish by tipping the glass upright for the remainder of the pour so you don’t get too many bubbles.

Clashing Bottles? Not Good

Foaming Beer


Hitting a bottle on top with another bottle of beer results in a volcano of foam pouring out.

Different Glass? Different Taste

Beer Glass

The shape of the glass you drink of determines just how much your hands get to warm the beer up. Flavor is affected by temperature. Thicker glass or one with a handle are made for beers that are better when they’re colder. The chalice type are meant to be drunk at around room temperature.

Temperature Might be the Most Important Thing

Taking beer temprature


A few degrees here, a few degrees there… even the slightest change can cause a big difference in flavor and color of the final product.

Humidity Is Meaningful As Well

Humid Beer


Yes, humid weather can warm up your beer quite quickly in extreme conditions.

Oxygen? Bad. CO2? Good

CO2 Beer

CO2 is added to beer to stop it from oxidizing, which would cause it to go off quicker than necessary, similar to the affect of leaving a wine bottle open.

The Bumps at the Bottom of a Bottle Are There 4 a Reason

Bottle BumpsThis is more of a factory reason – the friction between the bottle and the conveyor belt needs to be just right so that the bottles don’t tip over.

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