20 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Geeky Moms

It’s just about Mother’s Day again, and in order to provide you with some great inspiration, we gathered here 20 Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2011 that work for the geeky Moms and the rest.

If the following aren’t enough, then the previous collections will definitely assist and inspire. The 34 Mother’s Day gift ideas is from a few years ago, but the ideas are still a great fit. And if you prefer a funny gift or so, then there are the 16 gifts not to give your Mom or the Bizarre Gadgets you wouldn’t want her to see 🙂

Star Trek Bath Robe

mothers day gift ideas star trek robe

Any mom would love her bath time after a long day and a bath robe to comfort once finished. If she is a geeky mom, then the Star Trek robe would be the perfect fit to relive all those episodes, movies and Trekkie conventions.

Available for only $49.99

Pop Art Toaster

mothers day gift ideas pop art toaster

Write down a short personal message or add some cute artwork when you make your mom breakfast on Mother’s Day (and more). With this toaster, you can customize various artworks and make sure she knows the Toast was made with a whole lotta love.

Available for only $44.99

Canned Unicorn Meat

mothers day gift ideas unicorn meat

Maybe as a prank for the moms who have always dreamed of owning a unicorn, this is a ‘spam-like’ can that presents sprinkled meat and promises “Magic in Every Bite.” In reality though, it is a dismembered unicorn plush doll which may cause for quick shock, then hopefully laughs.

Available for only $11.99

Tix LED Clock

mothers day gift ideas tix led clock

A decorative LED clock that presents the time with the different colors LED, which will both keep your mom occupied and fascinated.

Available for only $39.99

Doctor Who Tardis 4 Port USB Hub

mothers day gift ideas doctor who tardis usb hub

A practical and cool looking USB hub in the shape of Doctor Who’s Tardis police box. A great gift for geeky moms and fans throughout.

Available for only $29.99

Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Box

mothers day gift ideas bento lunch boxes

For the Mothers who pack their own lunch, the Bento lunch boxes make for a practical gift that can be used again and again.

Available for only $49.99

Pacman Ice Cube Tray

mothers day gift ideas pacman ice cube tray

With Summer right around the corner, it would be wonderful to drink some Ice-Tea and other drinks with Pacman characters to accompany you as ice cubes.

Available for only $14.99

Crosley Kettle Classic Desk Phone

mothers day gift ideas desktop phone

Old School mothers would love the hint of the past with the classic desk phone. Still, it may look rotary, but it is touch dial…we cannot go that far back 🙂

Available for only $44.99

Caffeine Molecule Necklace

mothers day gift ideas coffee molecule necklace

If your Mom is one of those that is always on the go, always up and always wishes she could have Coffee with her at all times, then the coffee necklace may be the way to go. This necklace will always make sure the coffee molecules are with her but without any health risks or the frequent bathroom stops. Oh, and it is made of Sterling Silver.

Available for only $84.99

Swatch Women’s CORE COLLECTION Watch

mothers day gift ideas swatch watch

A beautiful, elegant and minimalist watch from Swatch could also be a great gift idea for Mother’s Day.

Available for only $94.99

OXO Good Grips Kitchen Tool Set

mothers day gift ideas oxo kitchen tool set

Instead of rummaging through her Kitchen drawers and looking for a specific kitchen gadget, OXO provides a 15-piece set that is practical and doesn’t take up much space.

Available for only $99.99

Apollo 7-Piece Garden Kit in Pink

mothers day gift ideas apollo garden kit

No more having a green thumb without a little bit of pink 🙂 A pink designer garden kit that will make the time in her garden a bit more fashionable.

Available for only $29.99

Funny Sleeping Mask

mothers day gift ideas funny sleeping mask

With this funny sleeping mask, your Mom will always seem as if she is awake and attentive. Perhaps it will encourage her to get some well deserved rest.

Available for only $8.99

Mix Monster iPod Shuffle 4G Case

mothers day gift ideas ipod shuffle 4g case monster

An adorable iPod Shuffle 4G silicon case that makes the iPod look like a cute monster with one eye looking at its owner.

Available for only $8.95

Jessica Mcclintock Eau De Parfum Spray

mothers day gift ideas jessica mcclintock Eau De Parfum Spray

Sometimes, a nice perfume is just the gift for your Mom on Mother’s Day. It is simple, elegant and definitely feminine.

Available for only $25.99

Morgan Avery Luxury Bath Collection

mothers day gift ideas morgan avery bath collection White Cranberry and Maple

For some extra pampering and encouragement for some private time, the Morgan Avery Luxury Bath Collection includes a 14 piece set with the scents of White Cranberry and Maple.

Available for only $43.99

Olde Thompson Spice Rack

mothers day gift ideas Olde Thompson Spice Rack

Just like the Kitchen set above, this also adds some organization in the Kitchen with a beautiful, practical and designer spice rack for immediate needs.

Available for only $31.99

SEPHORA Collection Color Palette

mothers day gift ideas SEPHORA Collection Color Palette

An entire Sephora Collection Color Palette valued at $120 but available at a bargain price towards Mother’s Day.

Available for only $24

Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace

mothers day gift ideas Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace

This list wouldn’t be a real Mother’s Day list without the touch of jewelry that the majority would be interested in. This time, we recommend the beautiful and genuine Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace…8MM White.

Available for only $29.99

Gold Pear Dangle Earrings

mothers day gift ideas Yellow Gold Pear Dangle Earrings

To be a bit more specific, these beautiful earrings are actually 10k Yellow Gold Pear with Cushion Cut Smokey Quartz Woven Trim Dangle Earrings that would really stand out this Mother’s Day.

Available for only $69.99