16 Awesome Video Game Bento Lunch Boxes

Bento, a traditional Japanese lunch style, is famous for its beautiful lunch boxes made with immaculate artistic skills and precision. Looking at those beautiful lunch boxes, one feels like keeping them as a showcase rather than for eating.

But that is what Bento lunch boxes are all about – making food look so beautiful that it would pump up your appetite to the highest level. To show you the magic of Bento lunch boxes, we have brought to you some of the best looking lunch boxes based on video games.

Video Game Controller Bento

Mimicking the shape of an Xbox 360 controller, the bulk of this single-portion Japanese lunch is made from jasmine rice with the accents coming from yam cake, egg white dyed with blue food coloring, apple peel, lemon peel, and red pepper. This “Video Game Controller Bento Lunch Box” is for people who love to play games and miss them when off to work. Source 1

PS3 Controller Bento Lunch Box

Bento is a traditional Japanese lunch box which consists of many different delicacies; it is home made and prepared everyday for those who work for the rest of the day. This bento lunch box is designed for those who are video game freaks and miss playing games when they are at work. There are various food items in this lunch box, like rice, fish, vegetables, etc. but the center of attraction in the bento lunch box is the huge “Edible PS3 Controller”, probably made out of rice wrapped with seaweed.

DS Bento Lunch Box

Don’t you love your DS so much that you wish you could eat it? Well, perhaps not. But if it were made out of rice, vegetables, etc. and then put in a bento box, then? Now that would be tasty, right? So here is “DS Bento Lunch Box” which looks so nice that you would just look at it, and it would bring a smile on your face. Source 1

Space Invaders Bento Lunch Box

Bento Boxes, which are known for their quaint design and separate compartment, allow you to have your meals without mixing them up. The recent addition to the huge array of Bento Boxes is the “Space Invaders Bento Box”, which has smiley faces. The top box has cous cous with red bell peppers and chili sauce, while the container at the bottom has ground beef and smileys made of red bell peppers, complemented by a really spicy hot red chili sauce.

Tetris Bento Lunch Box

If you thought you are done with dreaming of the colorful Tetris blocks every night, then wait a second and take a look at a new design and artwork that come out resurrecting them again. This time, the classic Tetris shapes have invaded Bento Lunch Box, which will make your eating habits come in line with gaming. It contains fresh vegetables, rice, baked beans underneath, and some almonds and dried apricots.

Bioshock Jack Bento Art

“Bioshock Bento Art” is inspired from the gaming character of Jack in an intimidating posture ready for some serious action. This snack box is very creatively done and made out of rice, meat, and many other food items.

Link Windwaker Bento Art

Everyone is familiar with the character of Link from Zelda game. Now here is some Zelda art you would really want to eat. This Bento Lunch Box is inspired from the cartoon Link that you fell in love with in the Nintendo Windwaker. Kids hate to eat greens and healthy foods, so maybe with this “Link Windwaker Bento Lunch Box” art, kids would learn to eat greens and healthy food.

Super Smash Bros.

This Bento Lunch Box boasts “Super Smash Bros.” theme and is truly a work of art. The character of Kirby, Yoshi, and Pikachu are made of potato salad balls wrapped with various ingredients like ham, lettuce, and omelet depending on the character and decorated with an assortment of cutouts of seaweed, fish cake, carrots, and red peppers. The platform that the characters are standing on is made of meatballs, lettuce, and broccoli. This bento looks incredibly complicated, yet extremely cute.

Sonic Themed Bento Lunch Box

For all those who love playing Sonic game and think the little blue speed demon is awesome, they now have this little blue speed demon in this “Sonic themed Bento Lunch Box” which looks cute and attractive. I am sure when you look at it, you won’t feel like eating this lunch because it’s made so beautifully with ingredients like carrots, melon, strawberries, few blueberries, cheese, and with a stuffed sandwich, that will make you stare at it for a long time. Source 1

Play with your Food

The Japanese found a way to get their kids to eat all veggies by making them look like their favorite video game characters with the help of these Bento Lunch Boxes. Sounds cool, right? Just take a look at few of them and you will want to have one Bento Lunch Box for yourself. Source 1

Super Mario Theme

Who won’t love to eat everything from this lunch box if it’s given in the Bento Style? This is especially for kids who crib about green veggies and play video games all day long. This Bento Lunch Box features “Super Mario Theme”, a favorite video game for kids of all ages. This lunch box has baby tomato Piranha plants on vertical rows of the pipe-like celery and cucumber, coins made of carrots and a “question mark” block of cheese. There are invincibility star balls and Koopa shells made of babybel halves. The designer has even used a mushroom tin as soy sauce container. I bet kids will finish this lunch without any cribbing.

Sackboy Bento Lunch Box

The Little Big Plant Character, Sackboy, has never been as tasty as he is in this version. This Sackboy Lunch Box is made of inari-zushi, rice, seweed, kamaboko, mayonnaise, and somen. The trees are made from broccoli stem, carrot, clouds from Asian radish, stars from cheese, heart from fish cake. Other food items include lettuce, pork, snowpeas, and rice mixed with black sesame seed.

Pacman Bento Lunch Box

You must be having different accessories of Pacman to show your love for this game. Pacman is the oldest and most favorite video game of all time. So here is “Pacman Bento Lunch Box” for you to show how much you love playing this video game. This lunch box includes wide range of ingredients which are tasty and healthy. The Pacman is made with tamagoyaki (egg), nori (seaweed), and akai kamaboko (fish cake), while the ghosts are made of carrot, ham, hard boiled egg, and nori. It also has got tonkatsu (pork cutlet), gohan (steamed rice), sunomono (vinegared cucumbers), strawberries, and orange slices. Yummy, right?

Metal Gear Solid Duck Bento Lunch Box

The Bento Lunch Box shown here is that of Ga-Ko, a proud duck in the form of an alarm that helps Sunny cook her eggs in the Metal Gear Solid 4 part of the adventurous series. The duck has been colored yellow by adding egg yolk to rice and the cooked eggs are held in place by use of a ring, which is placed on a flattened rice ball. There are many other vegetables like carrots, cucumber, sesame seeds, lettuce, etc., which make this piece of art cute and healthy at the same time.

Raving Rabbid Bento Lunch Box

This “Raving Rabbid Bento Lunch Box” is adorable, attractive and healthy to eat at the same time. The Rabbid is made from rice, ham, and kamaboko for its ears, mouth and teeth. Eyes are made from kamaboko, tomato, and seaweed. The plunger is made of Japanese style hamburg and fried potato. There are many more ingredients like carrots, broccoli, rice with curry powder, ketchup, and mixed vegetables. Source 1

Little King’s Story Bento Lunch Box

Making a Video Game is not an easy task and neither making a bento lunch box is. This Japanese-style bento box features characters from the game called “Little King’s Story”. This bento lunch box is adorable and looks appetizing. Source 1