Measuring Motorola’s Sting: The Motorola Bee Honeycomb Phone

There’s been some ‘buzz’ around handheld websites in response to Joy Studio’s imaginative concept phone from Motorola – aptly dubbed the Bee.

Their mockups raise an interesting question: will Motorola, who teamed up with Google in development of the Android platform, offer us a smartphone running Honeycomb in the near future, when, and what will it look like? Their response is a sleek, thin, high-powered device.

The proposed specs according to Joy Studios would include an 8MP camera for capturing high-resolution photos with a 4.3 inch 1280×720 Super-AMOLED screen for showing them off, 1080p video recording, multitouch functionality. This would definitely be an escalation in the power of available smartphones. As our generation continues to change and smartphones become a source of newsbits and connection around the world (vis-à-vis Egypt’s Revolution), entering such a powerful smartphone into the game would definitely show that Motorola is embracing this paradigm. Especially with the latest in connectivity technology, including: Wifi, Bluetooth 3.0, 4G and GPS.

Among the features that I would less expect the average user to use, Joy Studios has suggested that the phone include a biometric fingerprint scanner and HDMI output port. These added tidbits could be a prime reason for purchasing for the business-buyer, but at what cost? Would these two additional functions raise the price to such an extent as to alienate the more general consumer market?

Looking at the front-facing view of the concept phone, we cannot help but wonder if Motorola is plotting a better response to the iPhone’s entrance into the Verizon CDMA network. The Android operating system, though entering the market with a bang and raising some excitement, seems to have died back down when comparing it to iOS’s latest improvements, according to Yahoo News.

Time will tell if Joy Studios has hit close to the mark or not. I for one certainly hope they have.

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Source: Joy Studios