Motorola Scout 5000: collar & walkie talkie for pets

Pet trackers aren’t exactly a new invention, but Motorola has gone the extra mile with the Scout 5000, allowing owners to do quite more.

Motorola Scout 5000 1

As of now, most pet trackers are just a collar that provides a GPS location so owners know where their dog is exactly, or at least where its collar is at. Yet, if owners want a bit more information, the Motorola Scout 5000 from Binatone provides exactly that in the form of a video feed users can check live at any time. If you had been curious about how your pets spent their day, this is exactly what you had been looking for.

The Motorola Scout 5000 is a collar device featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, a camera capable of 720p video, and the obligatory GPS trackers for $200 USD. It is definitely meant for bigger dogs (or even humans, if your kids don’t mind, although we would) but we’re sure it’s a matter of time until smaller versions roll along. The collar will alert owners via a smartphone app of the beloved puppy’s whereabouts, and even allow the owners to talk to their pets if they miss them.


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