SONICable lets you cut charge times in half for any gadget

Gadgets keep getting better and more powerful, but our batteries seem to last less and less with each upgrade. And being that the foreseeable future this is going to remain this way, SONICable aims to at least cut the charge times.


If you use your phone as much as statistics say most of us do you’re very aware of the cruel reality of having to recharge it during the day. Aware of this, the SONICable team came up with an idea that is rather different from portable chargers and battery extenders: a cable that allows your gadgets to charge twice as fast thanks to some clever design decisions such asusing dual sided USB connectors with Aluminium tip.

The SONICable not only performs better than any other cable, but it’s also more durable and stronger than its competitors, according to the creators, and comes with either a Lightning connector for iPhone or micro USB for Android.

The way SONICable works is by using a switch that allows it to change modes. When it’s off, it’s just a regular USB cable, and performs all of the same taks, but once it’s on, it loses sync capabilities and uses all that spare power to charge your gadgets in a much, much faster way. Users interested in it might want to check their Indiegogo page and pledge their support.

Via Geeky Gadgets

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