6 Muppets Mashed Up with X-Men

The best thing about the Muppets? The two old men making fun of everyone. The next best thing? The ability to take the character and create succesful mashups with pretty much anything. Like this encounter between Marvel Mutants and Jim Henson creations.

Animal as Wolverine

Logan can get a little wild at times, but I’m pretty sure Animal doesn’t have any regeneration powers, or crazy, murderous kids.

Kermit as Cyclops

Kermit actually fits well as being Cyclops. Both leaders, and both highly insecure about their actions and where it leads “their” people to.

Beaker as Magneto, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew as professor X

Incompetent scientists as the Old-School leaders of the X-Men? Doesn’t work for me.

Miss Piggy as the Phoenix (Jean Grey)

One word – Diva.

Fozzie Bear as Beast

Fozzie isn’t quite as intelligent as Dr. Hank McCoy. Maybe he has an Archie Mag hidden underneath ‘The Divine Comedy’ cover.

Gonzo as Nightcrawler

Just like the current Kurt Wagner (dead in the comics), a lot of people who’ve seen Gonzo’s act would like him to be gone from this world. Credit to Ken Haeser for the creativity and work.