Uber-luxurious MWE Emperor 200 Workstation

Workstations are where most people spend a lot of time these days, and sometimes it could even amount to more than 10 hours a day in a stretch.

With that in mind, the seating arrangement, and the position of the display have to be adjusted in an ergonomic way in order to avoid aches and pains. There are a number of ergonomic workstations available but those who have a lot of money to spend can take a look at the luxurious MWE Emperor 200, which must be the most expensive workstation that I have come across so far.

The unit comes with a comfortable leather seating unit which is ergonomic by all standards. The touchscreen controls, 3 computer displays which can be adjusted in whichever position you want to, a great keyboard and mouse, and air-filtration system should make sure that even after working at the system for several hours you remain fresh as a daisy.

The workstation resembles a scorpion and is easily customizable in terms of position and eye level, and that can be done without moving your butt an inch. The LED-backlit full 24″ displays come with HD resolution, 3 sets of HDMI cables, built-in LED lighting, a THX surround sound system and a look that could kill completes the description of MWE Lab Emperor 200. The workstation comes in several colours including white, red and black. At $44,750, it could easily buy you a nice car or sustain you for a year.

If you think it is too expensive for a workstation, they also have cheaper workstations which do not have great looks and the touchscreen remote. These bargain priced Emperor 1510 workstations cost $6,200 and above. You could also take a look at the Meego Audio Workstation, which is great if you love making music. The Pocketbike i7 Casemod will leave you wondering if it is a bike or a workstation.