Myo Wristband Uses Muscle Impulses to Control Remote Objects

Feel like a Jedi and control a flying drone simply by pointing at it or by flicking your wrist! This space-age wristband allows you to do that and more.

Myo Band 3

Thalmic Labs recently announced that Myo, their gesture controlled wristband might be made available to the public by the end of 2013. Simply put, the wristband is fitted with receptors that read electrical signals produced by the muscles’ nerves. Every movement of the wrist or the fingers triggers a set of nerves, which Myo uses to signal the device being controlled, such as a flying drone.

Myo Band 1

The creators designed Myo to communicate with compatible devices via Bluetooth. In addition, the wristband can fit just about anybody. It is definitely a step above camera-controlled movement, most of which are now integrated into video game consoles.

We feel the force is strong in this one. There is a huge potential market for Myo when it finally comes out. The proposed retail price for Myo is about $149.00

Myo Band 2

According to Thalmic Labs, this wristband can also be used to control video games remotely, like a Wii or Xbox Kinect, plus tons of other applications, like opening emails or making phone calls. You can even use this technology when giving digital presentations, or even while editing videos. Kind of like the way Tony Stark presses and swipes buttons in the air while commanding his computer Jarvis to do stuff.

There is no official announcement on the release date for Myo, but we can all just wait in anticipation until we get our hands (or wrists) on this Jedi-like device. I can only imagine how much fun Star Wars fans will have with it.

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Via Daily Mail