A Glimpse at the PlayStation 4’s User Interface

A new batch of pictures gives us a quick look at how we’ll access the PS4’s many features.

PlayStation 4 user interface image 1

As our videogame consoles get more entrenched with social and media services up the wahzoo, the need to better navigate them without accidentally setting off their self-destruct code (don’t worry, no console has that… I think) will be darn important as we arrive to a new generation of gaming hardware.

I’m reminded that at the beginning of this console cycle – oh, say ye 7 or 8 years ago – the U.I. for the PlayStation 3 was a bit of a mess, and didn’t get it’s butt into shape after months of firmware updates, a slow grueling process Sony hopes to get right at the start with their recently announced PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 user interface image 2PlayStation 4 user interface image 5

They’ll certainly need to with the how much time we’ll be spending with it thanks to the PlayStation 4’s dual memory set-up, which awesomely allows for quick suspending of gameplay to browse the Internet for game cheats or check whatever is happening your social stream.

And while we didn’t get to see much of it during their New York City media event – then again, we didn’t even see a box for the darn thing – today’s few images of PS4’s U.I. show a slick looking affair that takes a lot of its characteristics from the newly redesigned PlayStation Store.

The blue silky background and boxy, revolving door layout makes it way through what seems to be the PS4’s dashboard, user profiles, the “Share” interface, and how accessing the PS4 via mobile platforms will look.

PlayStation 4 user interface image 3

PlayStation 4 user interface image 6

Sony’s got the looks down for sure, but hopefully they’ll also try to make it snappy to go between menus and what not; basically, not keep you away from the all-too important stuff, gaming. With the amount of complaining Nintendo got over the sluggishness of the Wii U’s interface at launch, I can only hope Sony took notes.

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