Mystery over: this is Andriod Marshmallow

We’re getting closer to the official release of what is going to be Android Marshmallow. Ever since March rumors started happening about this new iteration, and Google themselves confirmed in may during the Google I/O that the next Android OS would be codenamed “M”, but without any further explanation of what M stood for.


Following the tradition of naming their mobile OS’s with brands or candy names, Google have finally revealed what the M stands for in the new Android M: Marshmallow. This new version, Android 6.0, will be arriving during fall, and will again depend on phone companies if and when they update their current OSs. As of now, Google confirmed all Nexus owners will be able to flash their devices to upgrade to Android 6.0.

Android M brings forth updates that deal with security. Mainly the permissions that apps ask for, which instead of asking for all of them from the get-go, each permission will have to be granted individually whence they are needed, as to prevent malaware from getting control of the phone.


Along with the reveal of the name, Google have revealed the new Android 6.0 SDK with a Marshmallow software preview exclusive for Nexus devices. This update also brings support for Google’s Android Pay mobile app, USB Type-C support and, as always, stability tweaks all over. As opposed to Android 5.0 Lollipop, this new version doesn’t seem a substantial user interface update.

And on some related hardware news, rumors have been going around that Android 6.0 Marshmallow might make its debut on two new devices, one from Huawei and, more interestingly, a Nexus 5 sequel from LG leaked not long ago, one of the most critically acclaimed phones of the last cycle.

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