7 Misleading Myths About Brains

There are quite a few “absolute truths” everybody knows when it comes to our brains – the 10% usage issue, alcohol being bad for it and others pearls of wisdom. Guess what? These are myths, not truths.

We Don’t Use Just 10% of Our Brain

10 of the brain

In a 24-hour period, you actually use most of it. The legend about tapping into some unused potential is nothing but a myth.

There’s No Such Things as a Left/Right Brain

Left RIght Brain

Certain regions of each hemisphere are specialized for particular functions, that’s true. However, an individual person does not use one half more than the other.

The Difference Between Men and Women

Men Women Brains

There are physiological differences between the genders and their brains, but nothing suggest that it’s a “hard-wired” difference, and there’s no clear understanding how these differences have to do with behavior.

Drinking Doesn’t Always Kill Brain Cells

Kill the Brain Cells

Binge drinking or years of chronic abuse are obviously bad for your brain, but moderate drinking does not kill your neurons.

Adults Can Grow New Brain Cells

Neurons in the adult mouse hippocampus

Although we do lose brain cells as we grow old, but recent discoveries have revealed that adults can grow new brain cells.

Brains Aren’t “hard-wired” to Make You Behave a Certain Way

Hard Wired Brain

Recent studies have proven the brain has a massive capacity to change, something known as plasticity. Differences between brains are probably the result of upbringing and socialisation rather than being down to predestined biology.

Brain Size Means Nothing

Brain Size

What determines how intelligent you are isn’t the size of your brain, but how many neurons you have and how complex the activity is at the connections between your brain cells.

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