Narrowest Home in the World Less than 60 Inches Wide

Claustrophobics and hoarders beware, a new home design in Poland boasts a width of less than 60 inches. Set between two buildings, it is the ultimate form of minimalist living.

If you are claustrophobic, I do not suggest you read any further. And if you are looking for a place to put all your “stuff,” as George Carlin puts it, then this home will not grant you the kind of space you are looking for. In a small crack, less than 60 inches wide, between 22 Chlodna Street and 74 Zelazna Street in Warsaw, Poland, Jakub Szczensy has designed Etgar Keret’s House, the narrowest house in Poland and most likely the world as well!

At its widest location, the house will measure at 133 centimeters (approximately 52.3 inches). While the home is currently under construction, the proposed completion date is for June 2012.

This home includes a full kitchen, one bedroom, lounge area, and bathroom. Because the home is just so narrow, there was no way to put in a set of stairs, so the homeowner will have to deal with a ladder instead.


With certain cities around the world suffering from housing shortages, this is certainly an innovative and ingenious way to make use of what space is available, even if it is just a 60 inch sliver between two other buildings. If you are a loner, a minimalist, and you do not mind tight spaces, this could be the perfect home for you!

If you choose to live in a home like this, here are some essential organization tips and a bed that will let you store more than 100 guns, you know, in case you need it.