Amazing Satellite Imagery From GeoEye

We’re fans of great photography here at Walyou, either on the ground or much higher up: 425 miles above in the case of GeoEye.

The Daily Mail has once again provided the story. GeoEye provides data for Google Earth and Google Maps from their satellite, the GeoEye 1, orbiting the Earth at 17,000 miles per hour.  The satellite captures 270,000 square miles of territory each day. The photos have been released by the company to celebrate Earth Day.

The imagery provided by the satellite is impressive. Here’s a picture of Adelaide Island in Antarctica:

Satellite picture of Adelaide Island

The satellite is so sensitive it can capture objects the size of beer barrels.

Here’s another picture of Botany Bay in Australia. It’s amazing that you can still pick out all these details even though the satellite is so high up above the Earth.

Satellite picture of Botany Bay

Another picture shows the space shuttle Endeavour on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, waiting to begin its final mission to the International Space Station.

A satellite picture of Endeavour on the launch pad

The strange pattern below may look like it was made by aliens, but it’s actually intended to calibrate satellites like the one taking these pictures. It’s located in Xinjiang, China.

Satellite calibration patterns in China

Here’s a view Naples, Italy:

Satellite view of Naples, Italy

And another of Sendai, Japan:

Satellite view of Sendai, Japan.

Finally, here’s Vatican City, the most important site for Roman Catholics.

Satellite view of Vatican City

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