NASA Enlist the Public to Save the World from Asteroids

Saving the planet from the terrors of space is no easy feat, which is why NASA are calling on the public to help to save the Earth from flying space dangers.

Asteroid image

Ever wanted to be an astronaut? Wanted to jet about the murky world above surveying the planets and the marvels of our solar system in order to stop them from descending any lower and spelling out our impending doom? All the rovers in the world can’t tell you exactly what’s out there in space, nor can all the astronauts on the International Space Station pinpoint exactly what’s floating about up there, no matter how hard they try. It’s for this reason that NASA are calling on the general public to help keep track of all the space dangers, specifically asteroids, in order to ward them off.

Called the ‘Asteroid Grand Challenge’, this project is serious business. Grand Challenges are global call to actions that call on everybody to help. While NASA say that Grand Challenges are part of President Obama’s Strategy for American Innovation, the initiative isn’t just open to American citizens. No, whether you’re a kid with a telescope in Europe or an average member of the population in South America who just happens to have access to a telescope, NASA are accepting submissions for info about asteroids from anyone.

And just why are NASA so intent on finding out information on asteroids? According to the institute’s calculations, around 955 of the asteroids orbiting Earth have been discovered, but it’s that 5% that has them worried. Considering just how big space is, as our galaxy (The Milky Way) is huge beyond compare, that 5% could very well include hundreds of space rocks that could potentially hurt us.

Of course the next question is ‘what will NASA do once people have submitted their information on asteroid locations?’, of which there are two answers. Some scientists have suggested that NASA will fire nuclear weapons at the located asteroids while others have pointed to NASA’s plan to lasso the asteroids in closer as so they can study them. One thing’s for sure though and that’s that the more info NASA get, the better they’ll know how to defend the planet from the huge chunks of space sediment flying above.

Source : NASA

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