Your Mouse Has Never Felt This Way Before

Did you know that the computer mouse you now hold in your hand contains toxic materials? The solution to that is to recreate the mouse and make it not only comfy to hold, but also good for the environment. Inspiring designer Joey Roth proudly refashioned the regular old mouse to bring you the felt mouse.

Felt Mouse 1

Being gray and furry, it does look more like a real pet mouse now. But don’t be fooled by this simple package. Behind this felt mouse concept is the ingenuity that aims to personalize basic computer gadgets and make them more in tune with the user’s needs. Top that off with eco-friendly materials and you’ve got a winner.

Felt Mouse 2

Felt Mouse 3

The felt mouse is made of natural materials like wool felt for the surface, with teak and aluminum in the body. Roth explains that he decided to design this mouse because regular computer mice and other peripherals are often made from harmful thermoplastics, which are non-biodegradable.

Felt Mouse 5

Felt Mouse 4

When the felt mouse comes in contact with the user’s fingers, one does not only feel the soft material, but it is also slowly breaking in the device. Because the materials for the mouse are pliable, applying pressure to it can change its box-like form. This means that over time and after continuous usage, the felt mouse’s shape alters to conform to the user’s hand. How is that for turning a basic mouse into a personalized device that ergonomically fits your needs?

Joey Roth has already been featured on the site for his remarkable work on these ceramic speakers. It kind of makes one wonder: what will he create next?

Here is yet another mouse designed from natural materials: wood mouse mod. Who knows? Computer mice of the future can look (and feel) more natural than you think.

Via: Treehugger