Navizon Indoor Triangulation System Helps You Track People

Finding friends or strangers with the help of GPS has long been documented as good for business and personal reasons.

We have earlier mentioned how Apple’s Find My Friends wrecked quite a few homes soon after its naissance. We had also written how straight people tried their hands at hook-ups with an app that is almost a Replica of Grindr, the app for men who like to meet men. Now, Navizon has come up with something more serious and professional with their Indoor Triangulation System. The new GPS system is specifically targeted at schools, malls and business organizations where security, maintaining order and looking for prospective threats to the organization or those who are associated with it always lurks behind. The Navizon Indoor Triangulation System is also the world’s first micro positioning system which can be used both outdoors and indoors.

It really doesn’t matter where you are as it uses Wi-Fi, cell signals and of course the ubiquitous GPS to locate your near and dear ones, or your co-workers. The GPS system works on multi-level structures which is perhaps why they are pushing the products for a more commercial audience. The Navizon Indoor Triangulation System could be used in tourist sites as well so that no one gets lost. What I really like about the device is that it is not another app to hook-up or to spy on your boyfriend.

Instead, it uses GPS technology to locate people who could possibly at security or other kinds of risk. it helps in developing cohesiveness and brings a sense of control and order to people who are associated with an organization, and also those who may visit certain sensitive locations occasionally. Another application is to use the Navizon Indoor Triangulation System to help managers and businesses to monitor shopping patterns, behaviours and habits. It certainly looks like a promising device to me.