NES Controller Promise Ring – Say I Do With Nintendo Power

Promise to be forever theirs with the gift of a NES controller promise ring.

NES Controller Promise Ring by Paul Michael Design image

You can never go wrong with Nintendo, certainly when it comes to popping the big question. Behold the Intendo promise ring (see what they did there?) by Paul Michael Design, possibly the best way to win the heart of the person you’re asking to spend the rest of your life with, through better or worse. Bonus points, obviously, if they’re a big fan of video games.

The Intendo promise is styled like no other ring I’ve ever seen before. It uses a miniature NES controller as its mounted centerpiece, where you can find two red jewels, rubies perhaps, as the A and B buttons, and a golden directional pad with diamonds (I believe) a-fixed on top of where the familiar arrows would go. Quite nice.

As for the ring itself, Paul Michael Design cleverly made the silver-looking finger wrapping to resemble the famed controller’s wire and plug in a tight spiral pose. I absolutely like that little detail myself, and totally shows how much its creators love classic gaming. No surprise from a jeweler that prides itself on making some geek-tastic jewelry.

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