Arcade In A Briefcase – The Briefcade By Travis Reynolds

One savvy modder fits the arcade experience – joystick and all – into a single briefcase.

Briefcase arcade machine by Travis Reynolds image 1

It’s one thing to be portable, but to be portable and in style? Now that’s the ticket. Say for example, Travis Reynold’s arcade cabinet in a briefcase, complete with a built-in LCD screen and arcade control set-up that can be folded away in class. Business class, you could say! Ah-ha-ha-ha! A little business humor for ya.

With the assembly, Travis used a Raspberry Pi and a Linux-based MAME emulator (called PiMAME) to power his self-dubbed “briefcade,” which he found at a local Goodwill for $5. Probably donated by some down on his luck stock broker. The joystick and buttons on the other hand are the real deal; Sanwa Denshi in fact. The good stuff the pros use for their own custom built arcade fighting sticks.

Briefcase arcade machine by Travis Reynolds image 3

Briefcase arcade machine by Travis Reynolds image 2

It’s pretty amazing how all that fits into a briefcase. Well, most of it. Travis did have to make one tiny adjustment of making sure the joystick balltop could be removed so that the briefcase could be closed. Other than that, the briefcade is as on-the-go as they come. A handy thing to have around for a round of gaming – some Pac-Man as displayed above – with buddies and some fresh brews.

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