NeuVision 3 Turns Smartphones into Mobile Steadicams

Not so long ago, shooting professional videos was only possible with very expensive equipment, but the emergence of smartphones and affordable handheld gimbals, such as the NeuVision 3, enables everyone to become a videographer.

When it comes to image stabilization, it’s much easier to achieve that when shooting photos than videos, and the fact that a lot of cameras and smartphones include that technology is proof of that. Optical image stabilization has made its way into affordable devices, but it still seemed we had to wait a little bit longer if we wanted to shoot professional videos. Handheld gimbals do a great job at stabilizing the image while recording, even if the videographer happens to move chaotically at times. Basically, such a device can make the difference between a found footage clip from a horror movie and a dreamy sequence shot perfectly.

Needless to say, there are plenty of scenarios when a camera stabilizer could come in handy. First of all, people shooting videos while performing sports might find this whole idea interesting, as sports and action cameras are not that great when it comes to stabilization.

Secondly, Neuvision 3 can be used for taking selfies, and even for recording yourself or your friends. There are plenty of selfie sticks out there, but none of them offers image stabilization, and if that’s one of the things you’re looking for, then you’d be delighted to find out about this additional functionality.

Not at last, you can take footage of your loved ones without you having to be excluded from the picture. That must have been one of the greatest drawbacks in the past, as the person behind the camera didn’t make it in the video (or if he did, the image was very shaky, or someone else had to handle the camera). That’s no longer the case with the Neuvision 3, which enables amateur videographers to lock onto a subject and film him or her without any having to fear that the resulting video will look unprofessional.

GearBest has the Neuvision 3 smartphone camera stabilizer listed for $134.51, but you can get it for $119.99 by using the coupon code NVS3 at checkout. If you want to start a career in filmmaking, but are on a tight budget, the Neuvision is definitely a good starting point, not to mention a very affordable one, considering how expensive these handheld gimbals can run.

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