New Mobile Android Market Offers Books And Movies

While Google is seeing growing popularity among its long line of Android phones, where area where the company is still trailing the Apple iPhone is the look and feel of the Android marketplace, the company appears to have taken this problem head on and fixed it.

Google has long been known among the tech sector as a company that isn’t simply satisfied with leaving their many, many programs and features out twisting in the wind.  While they are constantly launching new features, they are also fixing and changing existing programs.  Nowhere is this better seen in a couple of programs that have been around for a little while, but that have recently been tweaked such as the Google maps for Android that now allows you to better track where you are even when using mass transit.  Most recently, Google has also tweaked their mobile Google Docs, making it much easier to share and collaborate with other users.

Of course, while both of those tweaks will be welcome changes for Android users, they will be downright overjoyed with the improvements Google has made to the mobile Android app market.  If you have an Android phone that is running version 2.2 or higher you will have the ability to see an Android market that has a much better look and feel than the previous version, but while it may be aesthetically pleasing, that isn’t really what you should be getting excited for.

This newest Android market is gaining major buzz because for the first time since Android first hit the market, users will be able to rent movies and read books right on their mobile phones.  One area that Google has trumped Apple and the other smartphones is that they have made it much easier to share things across multiple devices, whether you are talking about the desktop or laptop or your mobile phones and Google has made sure that if you rent a movie from your mobile phone, you can watch it in any number of different platforms.  Of course, you can also download the movies to your phone so that you can watch it even if you don’t have internet access (a great way to kill time on a long plane ride.)

Books on the Android market work the same way.  Once you buy a book you can read it on your phone or on your desktop if you prefer, and both movies and books will sync automatically, so there is no need to hook the Android phone up to your computer in order to share.