Google Maps Brings Transit Navigation to Android

Google has been working hard over the last couple of months to make their products, especially Google Maps all the better.

While Google + has been the program that has people buzzing all over the internet, there have been plenty of different tweaks and improvements to several of Google’s lesser known features that will make them better and easier to use in new and interesting ways.  In fact there seem to be quite a few different companies that are realizing just how important mapping out a user’s surroundings can be.  Microsoft has recently released new software that makes better and bigger maps.  Of course, Google Maps can beat almost anything Microsoft can trot out as far as mapping software and in order to prove this they had recently released transit navigation on the browser maps as well as to iOS devices.  Now Google has gone one step further and is actually bringing the new transit nav features to Android devices.


Transit navigation isn’t quite what you might think.  This particular feature isn’t merely something that will map out how you want to try and get somewhere from your current location but will actually follow your route if you happen to be on a city bus and it will tell you when it is time to get off the current bus you are on and get on the next one.  If you need to get off one bus a bit of a distance from the next bus you need to hit, the Android app will tell you how to walk to the next stop.

Best of all, this isn’t the kind of app that you need to have open the whole time, or be staring out the entire ride.  You can work on another app, or just put your phone in your pocket and Google Transit Navigation will actually give you an alert when your next stop is coming up.

For people in larger cities who truly depend on mass transit, there is little doubt they will almost immediately find it to be a lifesaver, but the best part of the app is that people who were uneasy using mass transit will find this update makes it easier to take that leap.