New device transmits emotions – literally

A British University at Sussex has created a device to transmit feelings to one person to another through the air, without need for physical contact.

Ultrahaptic system 1

The picture illustrating this story is an ultrahaptic system which according to project director Marianna Obrist, is the key for many devices yet to come. In her own words, “we are about to meet a new generation of devices that will be capable in the next few years to stimulate different areas of our hands in order to transmit feelings such as happiness, sadness, or even fear.”

For example, short but intense bursts of air in the area around our thumbs, pointer, and middle area of our palms can generate excitement, while sadness can be created by stimulating the outside area of our palms, and the area around our little fingers.This discovery just introduced to the scientific community in a Korean conference means that there will be thousands of ways to innovate when it comes to human communications.

As Obrist puts it, “imagine a couple who had a fight before going to work. While she is in a meeting, she can feel a soft sensation in her hand through a bracelet to relieve stress, also informing her that her partner is no longer angry. These are the sensations that we managed to create with our experiment, using a ultrahaptic system”. We will call this intriguing, to say the least…

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