New Rumors Suggest HTC One Early Availability

It seems like HTC can’t ever get a break, with their most recent product launches delayed by weeks, but this year we may see a bolder, more timely HTC launch.

all-new-htc-one-m8-dummy-4The last two HTC flagship phone launches have been plagued by delays. The HTC One X and HTC EVO LTE were both delayed in 2012 due to patent squabbles with Apple, then the HTC One was delayed in 2013 due to camera production issues.

Both of these delays struck a nasty blow not only to HTC’s sales numbers, but also to customer faith in the brand. HTCs Spring launch is usually squared off against the newest Samsung phone launch, so the slightest delay is disastrous as Samsung is waiting for impatient customers with open arms.

Apple has typically been the best example of successful product launch, with most of their iPhone and iPad launches running like clockwork. Apple will hold an event to announce and show off their newest gadget, then pre-orders will start a week later, and the phone ships the week after that. Apple fans know that that they never have to wait long once the phone is announced, and Apple’s numbers reflect that confidence.

Recent news suggest HTC may by trying to set a new standard for device launches by having the All New HTC One available within minutes of the launch announcement on March 25th.

The only known retailer to make this announcement is Carphone Warehouse, but such a statement suggests there will be stock available for sale the day of, so there shouldn’t be anything stopping other retailers from having similar availability.

Such a bold launch strategy would help HTCs sales in leaps and bounds, especially considering their device will be announced and available for consumer purchase before Samsung even gets a chance to make the Galaxy S5 available for pre-order.

The availability is still not confirmed, though, with other vendors suggesting the phone will be available a few weeks later.  A mid April launch could mean that the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S5 may have the same launch weekend, which could be tough with the way Samsung’s marketing budget dwarf’s HTCs.

Either way, if HTC can have a quicker product turnaround this year and avoid taking the hit from yet another delay, they may yet sell a phone or two.

Source: BGR

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