HTC Teases Boomsound Improvements for All New HTC One

The leaks regarding the All New HTC One keep coming, but now HTC has released some of their own news about their next flagship phone.


Last year’s HTC One represented one of the biggest leaps forward with the inclusion of HTC’s new Boomsound speakers.  While most phones are competing in the race to the biggest/best screen resolution and highest quality camera, HTC—not that they don’t participate in those races—also decided to improve the volume and sound quality of smartphone speaker.  The result was Boomsound, which drowns out the sound from all other smartphones, and even some laptops (not that the competition is necessarily the stiffest).

Cisco found that in 2012, the average user consumed over an hour of video and over two hours of streaming music from a mobile device each month.  They predict that those numbers will become 10 hours of video and 15 hours of audio per month by the year 2017.  Outside of using headphones, this experience is typically abysmal.  I’m sure you’ve tried to show a Youtube video to a friend in public.  On most phones it’s not possible unless you are in a small quiet room.

Nearly a year after launch, the HTC One still doesn’t have any challengers in the realm of audio quality.  At Mobile World Congress 2013, the HTC One won the Best in Show award for 2013, only to return a year later to win the Best Smartphone award for 2014.  Not only is the phone nearly a year old at this point, but we are on the cusp of its successor being announced.

HTC recently teased the All New HTC One on their Youtube page, with the following video hinting at a significant upgrade to the already dominant Boomsound speakers.

If this improvement is as significant as the existence of this video would suggest, that would effectively put the All New HTC One two entire generations ahead of the competition in the audio category, which is especially significant as smartphone audio and video grow as drastically as Cisco suggests it will.

Several leaked images of the phone show in iterative, yet improved design for the phone, but the speaker grills appear nearly identical, so whatever is going on with Boomsound, it will be entirely under the hood.

This won’t be the first audio innovation from HTC since the launch of Boomsound with the HTC, despite the sale of their nearly 25% stake in Beats by Dre.  HTC Launched the Boombass, a miniaturized subwoofer for use with the HTC One lineup, at the end of last year.

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It would be logical to assume that the only direction HTC could go with audio is louder and fuller, although they may have something crazy up their sleeve, it’s not out of line to assume we will be seeing (and hearing) a louder, fuller-sounding HTC One come March 25th.

Source: HTC, Forbes

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